EVP Recorders

In the world of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting the EVP recorder is among a plethora of ghost huntingDigital-Voice-EVP-Recorders equipment tools and techniques that are used to record, store, and analyze evidence.

The main idea behind using an EVP recorder (or “Electronic Voice Phenomena” recorder) is to record sounds in the room at a frequency and pitch that your natural ears are not able to pick up.

Many times during an investigation the ghost hunter will not hear the voices or sounds until the tapes are brought back to the evidence room and scoured over. Once listened to, it will become apparent that there is a sound mixed with the natural sounds of the room that do not fit.

When the sound that does not fit has been located, it can then be amplified and re-analyzed as many times as needed to determine if it is indeed a paranormal recording or just a natural sound.

When an EVP recorder does manage to pick up an obviously unnatural sound, it is a very exciting time. You have just discovered a sound that possibly came from another world outside but closely adjacent to our own, and this in and of itself is a monumental discovery. Some will choose not to believe that it really is what it is, but in many cases the EVPs captured are so clear and distinct that it almost seems ridiculous to dismiss them.

The most convincing EVPs captured are the ones that directly address a question asked by the investigator. This indicates that clearly something is using an intelligent means of communication, and is responding to outside stimulation. A new tactic in the world of EVPs, put forth by Dave Tango from TAPS, is that investigators should ask the EVP questions through the recorder.

The main idea behind this theory is that if you are going to record ghostly voices in those frequencies, why not ask the questions in those same frequencies? This may make it easier for these entities to “hear” you, and thus respond.

The landscape of ghost hunting and EVP recording has come a long way in the last few years, and as we develop new ways of investigation, our evidence gathering methods will advance and bring us new evidence that will inevitably blow our minds. To do this we should continue to gather EVP recorder evidence, and brainstorm new ways to put these techniques to use to further the exploration of the paranormal.

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