EMF Meters

An EMF meter is certainly one of the most important pieces of ghost hunting equipment for ghost hunting andEMF-Meter paranormal investigating.

A decent amount of research and knowledge is needed before embarking on an investigation or hunt. For many people ghost hunting is a very thrilling and exciting hobby and its intrigue spans across the globe.

Indeed the paranormal realm is full of mystery and many people take a real interest in being able to find what many people believe does not exist.

Some people pursue ghost hunting and paranormal investigation as a full time job or only as a part time hobby.  For the most successful investigation and encounter, EMF meters are very useful.

How does the EMF meter work?

EMF meters measure electromagnetic emissions given off by those things that create energy. Of course the human body gives off electromagnetic energy and this can be detected on EMF meters.

Not only that but emissions given off from everyday things such as appliances can also be detected on an EMF meter. However, ghost hunter EMF meters are designed to ignore these readings and focus on those that are commonly associated with paranormal activity.

Emissions associated with paranormal activity are often erratic and fluctuate often. Thus, most ghost hunter EMF meters are designed to detect readings that follow this pattern.

There are two common types of EMF meters; single axis and tri-axis. Single axis meters require a bit of extra work since they only read one dimension at a time.

Each dimension must be read individually in order to receive an accurate measure of emissions for a particular object or area.

Tri-axis meters on the other hand measure all three dimensions at once making a quicker process.

Many meters are equipped with ease of use features such as flashing LED lights and signal-strength indicators.

EMF meters are available for a variety of price ranges but the majority of them fall between $25-$100 depending on the desired features.

EMF meters are a much needed piece of equipment in the paranormal field.  They will save lots of time and confusion on any hunt or investigation.

Not only are they easy to use but they are also very affordable. Needless to say, every ghost hunter needs one in order to pursue this as a hobby or career.

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